Must Have

All of the services around your successful presentation.
Our team is there to help you in all areas: Planning, implementing and following up on your event.

Conceptual design and planning





  • Conceptual design and planning

    We can develop a show concept tailored to the needs of your corporate event. Implemented in 3D renderings on request – so you can experience beforehand the way it will look later on.

    In the next step, we ensure tailor-made implementation: Beginning with statics and approvals procedures, together with the concept for protection, safety and hygiene, our team of experienced event professionals coordinates and directs all of the factors involved, and all of the trades – from technology to catering. What awaits you and your customers in the end is a perfect experience, in fulfilment of our mission statement: ‘Everything from a single source’.

  • Technology

    The very finest in high-tech solutions – that’s what we provide for your corporate events. Tailored to create a perfect fit for your wishes and needs: From a missing light bulb to complete streaming of your corporate event online. We create the technological conditions for successful implementation of your event – based on our principle of ‘Everything from a single source’

  • Infrastructure

    Benefit from the highly developed infrastructure on offer at our city-centre grounds! From digital control of set-up and dismantling slots to parking management for trucks, trailers and containers to parking logistics for more than 15,000 parking spaces – with us, you will experience digital, smart solutions to keep logistics flowing perfectly.

  • Crew

    As event professionals, we also provide the right staffing for a very wide range of areas, from cleaning staff to hall managers, from event coordinators to security. We can adjust our crew of experienced professionals to provide reception services and assistance precision-tailored around customers who fit the profile of your event – from sporty to business-like. For international audiences, it goes without saying that we also have multilingual hostess and service staff. True to the principle

    of ‘Everything from a single source’, we look after everything to help ensure that your customers will feel well looked after.

  • Catering

    Together with our catering professionals, we work with you to develop a food concept to suit your event; we provide event catering and crew catering. We will also gladly assist you when it comes to VIP or artist catering – because the culinary well-being of your customers is important to us, too.